Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2 years old meal plan

I received requests to post Phin Zhe's menu on this blog. Now at 2 years old, this is his standard menu on weekdays. On weekends, I will be trying out new menu.

Phin Zhe's menu from Monday to Friday

Before breakfast
breast milk(direct latch)

Breakfast and Morning break
On weekday morning, we will have 15 minutes breakfast together. It will be one or two mains with one beverage. Then I will pack some for his morning break in daycare.

Bread(plain white loaf or cranberries white loaf or raisin wholemeal loaf or black sesame flaxseed loaf) with or without spread(avacado banana spread, black sesame spread, tahini spread, fruit spread) or
Bun(purple sweet potatoes bun or  green onion bun or hotcross bun or dinner rolls) or
Steamed Cakes(Purple sweet potatoes steamed cupcakes or millet raisin steamed cupcakes or pandan coconut steamed cupcakes or rice cooker version banana steamed cake)
Muffins/Cupcakes(orange sponge cupcakes or carrot muffins) or
Mantou(purple sweet potatoes mantou or  molasses wheat mantou or pumpkin mantou or flaxseed and ghee mantou) or
Oatmeal(similar version here) or
Pancake(I noticed that I have only blogged about banana pancake, but actually I have tried apple pancake, pandan pancake, beetroot pancake, sweet potatoes pancake, cheese pancake and many more combination)
Cooked breakfast (cheezy/mushroom scrambled egg, boiled potatoes in rosemary infused olive oil and cucumber/cherry tomatoes, similar version here)

Chinese sweet soup(Red Bean with lotus seeds and lily bulbs, Green Bean with sweet potatoes, barley with bean curd sheet, white fungus with red dates) or
Western soup(Potatoes Mushroom Soup and Pumpkin Carrot Soup) or
Chrysanthemum licorice root drink or
Honey Lemon drink or
Milk(Soy milk, oat milk, nuts milk) or
5 grains/10 grains drink

Nanny will cook porridge with the ingredients I provide. It is normally 1 meat(chicken or pork or fish) and 2 veggies and 1 misc(tofu or mushroom or egg or black fungus).

Before afternoon nap
4oz breast milk

Tea Break
Fruit(Apple/Kiwi/Avacado/Banana etc)
4oz breast milk
Cookies(optional) cheddar cheese cookies or italian cookies or oatmeal molasses cookies
Left over bread/bun/cakes from morning(optional)

Rice with Chinese dishes or
Pasta(Tomato Sauce, Pesto Sauce, Aglio) or
One pot ramen

Before sleep
breast milk(direct latch)

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