Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sushi Episode I

The kids requested for sushi since Chinese New Year. I was so forgetful that every time I did not bring back the stuffs. It was dragged until I gathered all the ingredients, Japanese rice, Vinegar, Japanese soy sauce, wasabi, bamboo mat, seaweed, Japanese cucumber, tuna and unagi. Unagi was a standard request from an over-aged kid. ;) This time, I made only 3 different type of sushi, unagi nigiri, cucumber maki and tuna gunkan. But it was good enough to make the kids happy and satisfy.

I titled it "Sushi Episode I" because we are going to have Sushi again, hopefully soon. Next time, I want my favourite salmon nigiri and tobiko gunkan.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fried Rice in Egg Wrap(Nasi Pattaya)

Hello everybody, I am back and found this 'Edit Posts' in my blog. It was actually quite sometimes ago. :)

After having nasi pattaya at Mamak for years, then one day, I decided to try out the recipe in my own kitchen. The ingredients were simple. Prawn. Chinese Sausage. Egg. Rice. The highlight of this dish was the Huang Shang Huang(ηš‡δΈŠηš‡) chinese sausage that I bought from Guang Zhou.

This dish gave a twist to the normal fried rice. We had fun wrapping the rice and finishing it. A simple change can make a big difference. I hope you are inspired if you are running out of idea for tonight's dinner.

the process

My plate