Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner gathering with university friends

Yes, I know. I know I had abandoned this blog for a very long period. September and October are busy months for me. I went to Vietnam in September and 2 days later, I will be going to China. I spent a lot of time doing research for my trips. Furthermore, new project had started so everyday I go back from office very late. Honestly, I do less cooking. Even if I cook, I cook easy and repeated dishes. No more new recipes. I hope that after October, everything will be back to normal and I can cook daily.

About a week ago, my university friends came to my place for dinner gathering. I had to prepare dinner for 9 person. It was a challenging task to me. Tell you, I will get panic when everyone has arrived and I still have many dishes to cook. :) So, I decided to cook few dishes that could be prepared earlier. There were Pork Belly with Yam(芋头扣肉), Pig Tribe Pepper Soup(胡椒猪肚汤) and Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock(上汤芫菜). Then at night, I only had to cook Clam in Kam Heong Sauce(甘香拉拉) and Crispy Eggplant(脆炸茄子).

Thanks god, there was no big mistake. If not, we had to order Pizza. Everyone gave nice comments to my dishes. But deep in my heart, I know I still need more practices, especially preparing food for bigger group. Anyway, it was fun to cook and great to meet up with friends.

A note of thanks to:
Lam, who took the above photos as I was busy with food.
Lee Peng and Anne, who cleaned the mess after the dinner.
Other attendants, a perfect gathering with all of you.

Looking forward to the next gathering.