Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oatmeal Banana Pancake

Oatmeal Banana pancake, or I used to call it pancake ABCD which means this recipe only call for 4 ingredients, banana, eggs, rolled oat and VCO. Simple right? If you want some texture just mash everything except VCO, if you want smooth texture just blend everything except VCO. Then brush yr pan with VCO, scoop some of the mixture to the pan, spread out, cook both sides. Repeat until all the mixture is finished. Serve it.

I used 4 bananas, 4 eggs, 3tbsp rolled oat and that served 2 adults and a 14mo boy. This recipe is good because all the ingredients is so healthy. Google for benefits of VCO. And nno milk, no baking powder or baking soda or butter is needed. I can serve this for breakfast or tea break regularly without feeling guilty.

 Updated on 2 March 2013
 This time I soaked the rolled oat in eggs(left in picture), then I mashed the banana, did not blend like last round(right in picture). This time the pancake have more texture. I prefer this texture. :)

Updated 18 May 2013 I still cook this very often, almost once a week. And now I have adjusted it to the texture that we like. Just play with the 3 ingredients, egg, oat and banana. Simple and yet so delicious.

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