Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pumpkin Steamed Bun


Ingredients: 300g unbleached flour, 70g steamed n mashed pumpkin puree, 1tsp active dried yeast dissolved in 70ml luke warm water, 1tbsp brown sugar and 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients, knead until a non sticky dough is formed. Add more flour if too sticky. Cover n leave aside until almost double in size. I left it for 2 hours. Roll out to thin rectagular piece. Roll like swiss roll. Cut into desired size. Leave for another 20mins. Steam with medium heat for 15mins. Turn off heat, keep lid close for another 3mins. Open the lid and you have just made yr family healthy mantou. :) Can easily substitude pumpkin to other ingredients like purple sweet potato etc.

Now we are making mantou almost every weekends. We will freeze some and let baby Phin Zhe have it at nanny's place during weekdays. Will share more mantou recipes when i have time. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Easiyo Biolife Fruit Yogurts

I have to admit that I am a super rigid mom. When baby Phin Zhe was below 1 year old, I did not give him any processed food, that includes yogurt, cheese, bean curd(toufu) or even bread. After his 1 year old birthday, I slowly introduce some of the processed food to him, one of it is yogurt.

With enough research done, I have decided to give him home made Easiyo Biolife Organic Yogurt with fresh fruits. One pack of easiyo sachet makes about 1litre yogurt. For small family like us, it lasted about 5 days. One serving size is about the two glasses in the pictures below.

Since the yogurt is unsweetened, each time I will mix with some blended fruits and then top with fruit cubes. I serve it as dessert in the afternoon or evening as I do not want to serve something cold for breakfast at this age yet. We love it, the taste is so natural and fresh. I asumme baby Phin Zhe loves it too because he will stay with me and ask for more. :)

The first day I tried with mango. The texture was very close to the yogurt in the market, not too thick or too watery.

Second day was Phin Zhe's favourite, strawberry yogurt. The strawberries were very juicy so it turned out more like smoothies. But it was still yummy.

The third day we had papaya yogurt. I guess the papaya cubes was too much. So it was more like papaya with yogurt. But again, it was a hit.

The fourth day and fifth day we had banana yogurt and kiwi yogurt which I did not take photo. Will post it next round.

What is your favourite yogurt flavours? Or you have any suggestion for yogurt flavours? Tell me. :)

Flaxseed and Ghee Steamed Bun

This is not the first mantou I did, have tried pumpkin mantou and raisin wholemeal mantou. Will blog about it when I have time. Since then, I have been thinking of new ingredients that I can put in my mantou. Just happened that I have a pack of flaxseed sitting on my kitchen top for long and my order of ghee has arrived, I decided to try out flaxseed and ghee mantou.

Ingredients are 300g unbleached and unbromated flour, 1.5tsp active dried yeast dissolved in 80ml luke warm water, 1tbsp brown sugar and 1tbsp flaxseed. Knead all ingredients to form a non sticky dough. Cover and let it sit until double the size. Roll the dough to thin rectagular shape. Roll into a swissroll shape. Cut into desired size. Let it sit for another half an hour. Steam over medium heat for 15mins. Off the heat, keep lid close for 3mins. Open the lid and serve.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oatmeal Banana Pancake

Oatmeal Banana pancake, or I used to call it pancake ABCD which means this recipe only call for 4 ingredients, banana, eggs, rolled oat and VCO. Simple right? If you want some texture just mash everything except VCO, if you want smooth texture just blend everything except VCO. Then brush yr pan with VCO, scoop some of the mixture to the pan, spread out, cook both sides. Repeat until all the mixture is finished. Serve it.

I used 4 bananas, 4 eggs, 3tbsp rolled oat and that served 2 adults and a 14mo boy. This recipe is good because all the ingredients is so healthy. Google for benefits of VCO. And nno milk, no baking powder or baking soda or butter is needed. I can serve this for breakfast or tea break regularly without feeling guilty.

 Updated on 2 March 2013
 This time I soaked the rolled oat in eggs(left in picture), then I mashed the banana, did not blend like last round(right in picture). This time the pancake have more texture. I prefer this texture. :)

Updated 18 May 2013 I still cook this very often, almost once a week. And now I have adjusted it to the texture that we like. Just play with the 3 ingredients, egg, oat and banana. Simple and yet so delicious.