Friday, October 31, 2008

Golden Crispy Fish

For many years, I had the wrong perception that only big fish(more than 1/2kg) taste good. In my memory, small fish had less meat and lots of bone. And I was wrong, so wrong! It was one day when I had the opportunity to try this dish. And, it had totally changed my perception! The fish was so crispy outside, the meat was so sweet and the texture was indescribable good!

Two nights ago, I wiped the fish with some sea salt and fried it for my 3-dishes dinner. This dish was so simple but then it was the most outstanding dish. By then, I know I will cook this dish again and again.

Btw, anyone recognise the fish? Please tell me if you know the name of the fish.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ginger Milk Curd 姜汁撞奶

I was always curious how did the ginger milk curd theory work. When hot milk was poured into ginger juice, the mixture solidified in minutes. Later I found out that it was the protease in the ginger reacted with the protein in the milk and formed the milk curd. I adjusted the recipe a few times and this is my version:

1. Prepare 1 tbsp of OLD ginger juice in a bowl.
2. Slowly heat up 150ml HIGH PROTEIN fresh milk with 1 tsp of sugar until bubbles aside.
3. Pour the milk into the ginger at certain height.
4. Leave aside for 5 minutes and it is ready to be served.

It is considered success if you place a spoon on it and the spoon stay on top.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prawn Fritter

There was this Yonex Japan Open, followed by Macau Open last weekend.
Live started from 2pm and ended around 5pm.
I do not have a habit of enjoying snack in front of the TV.
Of course, I won't say no to it.
Another reason was I wanted to clear my refrigerator stocks before my trip.
I had a small box of prawn, half chicken, fish and etc.
A plate of all-time favourite prawn fritter and a pot of chinese tea would be a good choice.

I bought this tempura flour from Tesco.
Mixed with water and added in some salt and pepper, and the batter was ready.
Wasn't it simple?

Finished it in no time as it was so crispy, hot and nice.