Friday, March 16, 2012

Fruit Platters

When I was looking in my photo folder for a new dish that I have captured, well, I could not locate it, but then I found these fruit platter photos. These photos were captured in the 9 months that I was being pampered. After work and after dinner, I would be resting on the sofa waiting to be served with a plate of mixed fruits. Yes, I did not take good pictures but back then I was just trying out the new lens. Lame excuse. :p Oh, I started to miss those days. Now I am just a maid at home. Sob sob.

And in return, I cooked him his favourite one dish meal, Taiwanese Stew Pork Rice(view recipe). Being lazy, I cooked 600g of pork, hoping to cover lunch and dinner. When lunch time came, I was shocked to find out that he served almost all the pork in two bowls of rice. And he told me that he thought that was for one meal. Oh, he is definitely a carnivore.

By the way, I am back and will continue to post more dishes soon. Hopefully. :)