Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bak Gua Sandwich

Last two pieces of CNY Bak Gua(BBQ Pork)....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enjoying coffee at home

I have owned this Delonghi Coffee Machine for more than a year. It was not cheap but I did not regret buying it. When I was searching for a coffee machine, I could not find much reviews from the internet. Therefore while I was enjoying a cup of fresh espresso this morning, I decided to write up a review so that others can benefit from it.

This is a fully automatic machine with patented automatic cappuccino system. With just a single touch, the machine will grind the coffee bean(if bean is used) and brew a cup of coffee with 15 bar pump pressure. The whole bean-to-cup process takes about 15 seconds or less.

Even though it is an automatic machine, users are still able to personalize their coffee. First, users can select to start from roasted coffee bean or ground coffee. For the grinder, there are 7 adjustable settings for coarseness. Not only that, users can choose to have a short, medium or long coffee with mild aroma or strong taste. Users can even save their settings which I have not tried so far. :p

I am 100% satisfied with this product. Now I can have a cup of good quality coffee at home anytime I wish.

stylish coffee machine

Next to the cup warmer tray is the ground cofee container.

Coffee bean container and the grinding coarseness regulator

double short coffee

Separate milk container for cappuccino

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hong Xiu Fish Head(红烧鱼头)

With the success of curry fish head, I got the courage to try another fish head dish. This is a very common dish in Dai Pai Tong(大排挡) - Hong Xiu Fish Head(红烧鱼头). I love chinese cabbage the most even though it was not the main ingredient. It was very tasty after absorbing all the flavors.

Here are the steps.
Stir fry the garlic, ginger and shallot until fragrant, then add in roast pork, carot, chinese cabbage, snow pea and 1.5 cups of water. Season with oyster sauce, light soy sauce, white pepper and sugar. Finally add in the pre-fried fish head and thickened with some corn flour.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Curry Fish Head

I did not cook this dish for long.
But, it turned out better than what I had expected.
My No.1 fan said it was as nice as Pen Mutiara.
Well, I do not care if Pen Mutiara is good or if you are lying.
I promise to cook the same dish for you again.
Next year, ok? ;)

boiling in the wok

served in casserole

Updated: 20/3/09

A1 instant curry paste that I used.

1. Put the curry paste under medium heat.
2. Add in few stalks of lemongrass and some finely chopped shallots.
3. When you can smell the fragrant, add in water(amount per instruction at the back).
4. When it is boiling, put in the pre-steamed fish head and lady fingers(steamed separately).
5. Cook for a while.
6. Finally, add in coconut milk.

Chinese New Year Sticky Cake with Dessicated Coconut

I had a long CNY break, 11 days to be precise.
CNY was for quality family time, old friends reunion and relative visiting, with lots of good food. :p
Everything seemed to be so wonderful until I lost my handbag on the last day.
Okay, that was about 2 weeks ago.
Now everything is back to the normal track.

This was a lovely snack with CNY sticky cake.
The sticky cake was steamed until it was warm, soft and melted.
Then, it was coated with dessicated coconut.

Something sweet for the Valentine Day, even though it was not planned.
Happy Valentine Day to all my readers!