Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sea Coconut Dessert

Sea coconut dessert with dried longan and water chestnut

I found a pack of fresh sea coconut dessert in wet market.
And I did not have it for a long time.
I meant the fresh sea coconut and not the cane type.

The most troublesome part was to remove the skin of the sea coconut and the water chestnut. I did it while watching Astro.

Bring 1 pack of sea coconut, 1 pack of water chestnut, few tablespoons of dried longan and some pandan leaves to boil. Then simmer for 2 hours and sweeten with brown sugar in pieces.

This is how the fresh sea coconut looks like. Sea coconut is good at relieving internal heat from body.


sharon said...

very nice, esp with the generous serving of sea coconut. thanks for the treat!:)

soo sean said...

No problem. I found that it is even better when it is chilled. I was requested to make again. Let's see...

alex said...

hi i try it and is very ...very ... nice.hope u can teach me some more thanks.

soo sean said...

Hi Alex,

I am so glad that you have tried it and you like it. That is the purpose of sharing. What do you like to eat? Maybe that can give me idea what to share. :)

Anonymous said...

just came across your sharing. Actually you can use spoon to remove the light brown skin of the seacoconut. Easier and safer than use a knife. Cheers