Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meat Dumpling(Bak Chang)

My auntie makes very delicious dumplings. So every year my family will just enjoy the dumplings from her until I decided to learn making dumplings from her this year. I reached my hometown on Saturday 2.30 in the morning, set my alarm clock to 6.30, which is basically 4 hours later. So, I was at my autie's place before 8 in the morning, feeling sleepy. :p

First of all, let us look at the ingredients for meat dumplings.

Chestnut(blanched and drained)

Dehusked mung beans(blanched and drained)

Mushroom(washed, soaked, blanched and squeezed dry)

Glutinous rice(soaked for more than 4 hours, drained and seasoned with salt)

Kidney bean(boiled for 10 minutes and drained)

dry shrimp(washed and removed any hard shell)

Pork belly(marinated overnight with light soy sauce, oyster sauce, five spice powder, oyster sauce, sugar and corn flour)

Salted Egg Yolk(halved or quartered)
I forgot to take the photos of the salted egg yolk until it was almost finished.



Dumpling Leaves(washed and drained)

Bamboo string(Soaked)

Heat up some lard in wok.

Stir fry some garlic and shallot until fragrant.

Add in chestnut, continue to stir fry.
Season with light soy sauce and five spice powder.
Mix well and stir fry until fragrant.
Remove and set aside.

Repeat the same for dried shrimp, kidney bean and dehusked mung beans.

Do the same for pork belly, but do not season with light soy sauce.
Season it with sesame oil only.

For mushroom and glutinous rice, season with both light soy sauce and sesame oil.

Darken the glutinous rice with some deluted dark soy sauce. At the end, mix the kidney bean with glutinous rice.

The ingredients need to be cooled down before they can be used for dumpling.
Start with glutinous rice as base, then only add in other ingredients.

Top with glutinous rice until full.
Press hard, wrap into triangle shape and tie hard with the bamboo string.

Cut away the redundant string.

Dumplings ready to be boiled.

Boil the dumplings for 3.5 hours in the water.
The water should have 1 tablespoon of salt.

Remove the dumplings from water and hang the dumpling until they are dry.

It was a tiring but fruitful day. Tomorrow, no, actually today(it is already passed 12), we are going to make alkaline dumpling(kee chang). Will blog about it later.


cariso said...

Very tedious. Very detailed. I enjoy reading this making of bak chang!

Dash said...

How many dumplings you made that day? Looks like alot. So, will bring back some "samples" back to Penang =D ?

soo sean said...

Hi Cariso,
Thanks! I hope you will enjoy my other posts as well. ;)

Hi Dash,
We have at least 3 families, my auntie, my mother and my auntie's daughter that involved in the making and shared the dumplings. So, that is not a lot, right? I only got limited share as I am considered a branch from my mother. You will have to wait until I make my own dumplings. And pray that it works. ;)

Suting said...

so next year can make own dumpling ody!!!
so good yar.

soo sean said...

Hi Suting,
That is my plan too. Will measure the ingredient carefully and blog it.