Monday, May 25, 2009

Alkaline Dumpling(Kee Chang)

The next morning, we continued to make another type of dumpling, the alkaline dumpling. It was much easier compare to the meat dumpling. Read the full story then you would know the reason.

My auntie used alkaline rocks instead of the ready alkaline water in bottle. She told me that bottle type would give stronger alkaline taste. So, we had to dissolve the alkaline rock in water. You could just use alkaline water if you could not find the alkaline rock.

The day before, we had to pick out all the white rice from the glutinous rice so that we have pure glutinous rice. We did not soak the glutinous rice, but just washed it. The glutinous rice was then mixed with alkaline water and cooking oil until it was light yellow in color.

Do not add too much alkaline water, else it would have strong alkaline taste.

We could not find the exact leaves for alkaline dumpling so we used the same leaves as meat dumpling. We used the bigger leaves for meat dumpling and kept the smaller leaves for alkaline dumpling.

This time I managed to capture the step-by-step photos for the wrapping part.

My alkaline dumpling did not get rejected this time. Yesterday, my auntie had to check my dumplings one by one and re-wrapped some of them. I would say it was much easier to make alkaline dumpling.

We finished turning all the glutinous rice into alkaline dumpings before noon time.

Then, my auntie placed all the dumpings into the boiling water.

The boiling process took about 4-5 hours. I will blog some photos of the unwrapped dumplings if I have time.


cariso said...

OK, waiting for your part III. :)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I was told by my MIL, the kee chang is difficult than bak chang. I have not try wrapping kee chang yet. ^-^

New Kid on the Blog said...

i dont even know how to wrap a bak chang, so dare not comment on how to do a kee chang. :)

but nice of you sharing this with the readers.

soo sean said...

Hi Cariso,
Part III? You are really cute. Haha.

Hi Food Paradise,
The kee chang needs less ingredients and preparations. For bak chang, you need to press hard, wrap hard and tie hard. But for kee chang, it is ok if it is a bit loose. That's why I feel that kee chang is easier.

Hi New Kid on the Blog,
I do hope everyone will have the festival feel after reading my posts.

Anonymous said...

May I gave the receipe. Don't want to put too much alkaline.

Anonymous said...

Hi soo sean

can i find out how much water was used to dissolve the kee rocks and how much was used in ratio to rice?
im having trouble trying to find out.

thanks so much