Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kampung Fried Rice

I did not realise my blog was on hiatus for nearly a month.
Thanks for all the emails, comments and warnings. ;)
If you did not see updates for long, please remind me again.

Ok, back to the dinner last night.
I fried Kampung Fish with non-stick pan.
The advantage of non-stick pan are less oil was needed and ease of cleaning.

Then the bone was removed and the fish was shredded into pieces.
You could have different recipes for fried rice, but just remember to add the shredded fish to the fried rice at the end.
There was no need to add the fish too earlier as the fish was cooked.

Simple fried rice served with home made sambal.


Dash said...

The rice portion is so small, even the prawns look bigger. On diet lately because too much food intake during the weekend =P ?

soo sean said...

I am not on diet. Maybe the plate is big, that's what the rice portion is relatively small.