Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fish paste/Meat paste

Today is first day of the month. Let me post something very very useful. With this meat paste(you could also call it fish paste), you could easily prepare stuffed bitter gourd and any kind of hakka yong tau fu, or simply add in few spoons when you cook noodles, porridge or soup. It is so convinient and yet so tasty that it has now become my secret weapon. ;)

One pack of half fat pork, minced. I think it is about 600g.

4 pack of fish paste. This size. Of course you could also prepare fresh fish paste instead of using a ready pack.

You would need a big mixing bowl. Place the seasonings in the bowl. Seasonings are salt, pepper, corn flour and sugar. Chicken stock and MSG are optional.

Add in the minced pork.

Mix well with seasonings. You should mix in the same direction until the meat is slightly sticky.

Take out the meat paste and put it in a container.

Repeat the same for fish paste in the same mixing bowl.

Now you could add in the meat paste.

Mix well.

Here is the tricky part. You need to take out the whole mixture and smash into the mixing bowl. Repeat for many times(10 times or more) until the mixture becomes firm and springy.

This is how the end product looks like.

Keep it in few containers at different sizes for different usages and store it in the freezer.


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow... good tips!

cariso said...

Can throw in some for instant noodle at anytime too! Good!

soo sean said...

Hi Food Paradise and Cariso,
Then you should have some in your freezer and thaw only what you need and when you need. :)

Anonymous said...

Where can get this fish paste in penang? wet market or shopping mall?

soo sean said...

Welcome to my blog. How should I great you? I never see it in Penang wet market, but I know there is this steamboat restaurant called Sawara at Pulau Tikus(393 Jalan Burmah 10350 Penang, Tel : 04 2260516) selling raw fish paste. Might be slightly more expensive. Check it out! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

HI Soo Sean
Thanks for your information. So you make the fish paste on your own?

soo sean said...

I did that before. But normally I will buy the ready fish paste from Ipoh. It is available in Ipoh wet market.

Anonymous said...

HI Soo Sean will be good if we can find the fish paste in penang wet market too.