Thursday, July 23, 2009

Simple Home Cooked Lunch

I was on "vegetarian" diets for the past 6 days. How could I not mentioning it in my blog. It was my first time, and might be my last time. My "vegetarian" is vege plus fish. Instead I had done it for the weekend before my Phuket trip and I am going to share one of the meal I had that weekend.

Bought erringi mushroom, some vege and a piece of codfish from jusco.

This small piece of codfish was rather expensive, RM11.
If you know a cheaper source in Penang, do drop me a message.
So after an hour in kitchen, I had 3 simple dishes for lunch.

blanched vege topped with crispy garlic

Tips: add some oil(i used garlic oil) and sugar in the boiling water so that the vege look greener

braised mushroom in oyster sauce

steamed codfish, chinese coriander was a must for me.

It was Unagi day and two piece of unagi were sold at RM29.90(vs RM26.90 per piece on normal day). I quickly grabbed one and headed to the cashier. I was going to have unagi for dinner again. :)


cariso said...

well, pretty simple but balanced diet. :)

soo sean said...

Will try to do so if possible. :)

Anonymous said...


where to get fresh cod fish in penang?

soo sean said...

Welcome to my blog. How should I greet you? I am sorry, I still source it from Jusco. Fresh cod fish at RM6.99/100g if not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Hi soo sean
thanks for your information.