Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice

My mum and I cooked Hainanese Chicken Rice yesterday. It was decided during my last trip back to Ipoh. I am the only cook during weekday, so it was quite fun when there was companion in the kitchen although we always quarrel over trivial stuffs. :)

We started with preparing the dipping sauce, ginger sauce and chili sauce.

Ingredients: young ginger, red chili, bird eye's chili and garlic

Left: blended young ginger
Right: blended red chili, red bird's chili and red chili

Brought the blended young ginger to boil with some oil(we used chicken oil) and seasoned with salt

Mixed with spring onion

And for the chili sauce, seasoned with salt, sugar, calamansi juice and oil(I used chicken oil).

For the chicken, soaked the whole chicken into boiling water with minimum heat for 20 minutes. Then, removed the chicken and soaked it into iced water for 5 minutes.

Placed cucumber slices on the plate as base.
My mum complained about my cutting and decoration.
She said it was too ugly. :)

Chicken on a bed of cucumber.
My mum knows that I blog, so she placed the chicken head, wings and drums at the correct position.

Then, it was time to cook rice.

Stir fried some garlic and ginger with oil

The normal water was substituted with chicken stock(result from cooking the chicken).
The above garlic and ginger, together with the oil were added in.
We also added pandan leaves and salt.

chicken rice

When serving, the chicken would be covered by chinese coriander.
My family loves chinese coriander.

We made use of the remaining chicken stock for meat ball soup.
recipe for meat balls)

I would say it was not the perfect Hainanese Chicken Rice. But I enjoyed every bite of it.


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

nice Hainamese chicken rice. ^-^

allie said...

the ginger sauce looks go good! perfect to go with the chicken!

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow... very detail in cooking this... I've save this up for my future cooking session.

thks for sharing.

soo sean said...

Hi Food Paradise,
Thanks. But the pictures might not tell the truth. :p

Hi allie,
I like the ginger sauce too.

Hi New kid on the Blog,
Let me know the result after you have tried it. Happy Cooking!