Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seafood meesua

After hitting the peak(13 posts for last month), I am slowing down again this month. I guess lazy is not a very good excuse.
With the scorching hot weather, I found myself losing appetite most of the time.
So last night I prepared meesua for dinner again. But it was a different version this time. Last time it was ginger chicken meesua and now it was seafood meesua.

Placed all the seafood ingredients(fish, prawn, crab meat, scallop and all my favourites) in the boiling anchovies soup, added in meesua, seasoned with shaoxing wine and thickened with corn flour. Then, poured in egg and stirred. Garnished with spring onion and chinese coriander.


New Kid on the Blog said...

wah... looks good, so tempting. :)

cariso said...

Seems to be a very healthy bowl of mee sua. Hehe..

soo sean said...

Hi New Kid on the Blog & Cariso,

It is similar to Teo Chew Meng meesua though might not be as tasty. I frequented Teo Chew Meng until one day I decided to try cooking it myself.

Ju Yee 如意 said...

it look great. which type of shop selling shaoxing wine ? what type and quality is suitable for home cook ?

soo sean said...

You can easily find it in wine shop or some of the local chinese kedai runcit. Do not put too much, else you will get drunk. ;)