Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame Filling

I was back in hometown for Father's Day. And see what I had prepared for my family. Yes, black sesame glutinous rice balls. It was not anything fancy but yet it took me more than one hour. This is going to be another post with many photos. Are you ready?

Wash, drain and toast the black sesame in a wok over medium heat until fragrant. Blend the toasted black sesame and then mix well with castor sugar. Do not ask me the exact amount for sugar. You could just put some in your mouth and start adjusting the sweetness. When you are satisfied with the sweetness, add in some shortening and mix well. Roll the mixture into small balls. Now you have the black sesame filling ready.

Sprinkle some glutinous rice on the black sesame balls and shake the plate until all the sesame balls are lightly coated. If this is not done, then you will easily contaminate the white glutinous skin with black sesame color. I learnt this tip from an astro programme.

Mix glutinous rice flour with warm water and knead into dough. Pinch off small portion of dough, roll to a ball shape and flatten the dough.

Take one black sesame ball and place on the flattened dough.

Wrap the black sesame ball with the dough.

Roll gently to form a perfect ball shape.

It should look something like this.

Cook the glutinous rice balls in a pot of boiling water until it floats to the surface. Serve with ginger syrup.


Kimmy said...

Interesting blog. It's good to have the recipe as well so that I can try to make one as well. :)

soo sean said...

Thanks. Do you mean recipe for the glutinous rice ball? I think you would be able to make it with the informations provided in this post. You can post question here if you have any.

Elin said...

Hi soo sean,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and I find your blog very interesting , mostly homecooked food like mine :)
Looking forward to more sharing with you. My Piggies would love this glutinous rice balls with black sesame filling :)) thanks for sharing.

eatingtable said...

The rice ball size seem big. But it looked delicious.

soo sean said...

Hi Elin,
I have been reading your blog for quite some time, but did not have a chance to leave message previously. I like glutinous rice balls very much. So I hope your Piggies will enjoy it too.

Hi Yen Tei,
Yes, they are big. We have a glutinous rice ball stall in town. Their glutinous rice balls with filling are big too. Maybe that's why I made big glutinous rice ball without knowing it. Haha.


I've never eaten glutinous rice balls, but I can't wait for it to arrive, cause they look really tasty.
Thank you for dropping by my blog,
yours is more than interesting to me!

soo sean said...

Hi Mononoke Kitchen,

I like thai food and your thai dish makes me drooling. :)
You have never eaten glutinous rice balls? If you could find a pack of glutinous flour at your area, then you would be able to make some for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I used to make these with my father when I was little. Makes alot more sense to wrap the sesame ball with the pastry than stuff loose sesame in a flour cup. Great idea. My dad used to grind up walnuts with the sesame seeds. We used to make them for New Years.