Monday, June 15, 2009

Bubur Cha Cha & Dai Lok Mee

I had a special guest last Sunday morning.
This choosy guest requested to have bubur cha cha with yam, yellow and orange sweet potato.
Here is a picture of the bubur cha cha we had.
I had also added in kidney bean and sago even though he did not request for it.

Besides bubur cha cha, we also had dai lok mee. The first time I used lard and crispy lard bits in dai lok mee. Other ingredients used were cabbage, prawn, fish cake and pork.

It was a brunch to us as we had it quite late. After the Sunday brunch, We were full to the brim. I do hope he had enjoyed the breakfast.



This looks really great! I bet it was delicious.

soo sean said...

Welcome Mononoke Kitchen! :)

john said...

i think i am going to create a web page on my site showing the best Thai cooking blogs on the Internet
nice blog keep up the work