Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Celebrating Merdeka

Last Sunday was Malaysia National Day and the holiday replacement was on Monday. I was lazy to cook when it came to holiday.
Imagine you need to spend hours in the kitchen while the rest is having fun in the living room. Or imagine after one whole day of outing, you still need to drag your tired body to the kitchen.
So, I bought a big piece of unagi from jusco, Qb. Steamed it and served it with japanese rice.

Since it didn't take me long to prepare the dinner, I had also prepared this delicious ice-cream dessert.
Nothing rounds off a good meal better than dessert.
2 big scoops of ice-cream in espresso and Sheridan's Original Irish Coffee Liquor.

Happy Merdeka!


KKCheong said...

This one look like cheaper type of Unagi in Jusco. I heard got 2 type.

soo sean said...

I think I am the one telling you, right.... hehe
But I am not very sure it is the better one. The queue at the cashier was very long so I didn't really pay attention to it. Sob sob.
Luckily it was ok.
I will double check when I go Jusco again.

PenangTuaPui said...

wow...can cook by urself lor.. sure safe a lot of $$$...

we can't cook la.... sien..

so wanna join our food blogger gathering at coming September?

soo sean said...

penangtuapui, cooking for a big family might save. But for me, it is even more expensive than having meals outside. And I am working, so I cant cook every meal. So, I sometimes cook at home, and sometimes eat outside.

Gathering? Must be makan-makan. Haha....Of course I am interested. Let me know the venue and time.

CK Lam said...

You sure makes home cooked food looks inviting... even though it is bought. And rounding it off with the ice-cream...slurp

There is a gathering on the 27/9/08I would love to have you joining us. Do check out the details from my blog!

soo sean said...

Thanks. Will check out your blog later.