Friday, September 5, 2008

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake

Can you make a cake without a mixer and an oven?
Here is an example, Marie Biscuit Chocolate Cake, also known as Batik Cake.

There is no beating or baking needed in making this cake.
So you do not need to invest a mixer/oven if you do not have one.

500g Marie Biscuit(break into half piece)
250g Butter
1/2 cup condensed milk
4 spoons of Cocoa/Milo powder
4 eggs

1. Melt and Stir all the ingredients except Marie Biscuit over slow heat.
2. When it becomes thick, mix well with Marie Biscuit.
3. Pour into a 9' square cake tray and press down firmly.
4. Refrigerate for more than 4 hours.

You definitely can make the batik pattern better than me. :)


Dash said...

Sounds easy enough for a beginner. The pattern looks more like layered than "batik", or "wall" pattern =) Hmm, can make a cake house with the stacked up Marie biscuit =D

soo sean said...

Yup, it is very easy. You can try it.
The Batik name was not given by name, so I have no idea. :p

Anonymous said...

I'm a beginner.You say 4 spoons of cocoa - is that teaspoons or tablespoons

soo sean said...

Hi, it is 4 tablespoons. Happy trying!