Monday, November 1, 2010

Herbal Salty Chicken

I need to come out with more free range chicken recipes as I always bring back some chicken from home. Free range chicken has very firm meat, so not all chicken recipe is suitable. Besides the usual Ginger Chicken Misua Soup and Ginger Chicken, I have decided to cook Herbal Salty Chicken last Saturday. When I tried to make salty chicken last round, I bought 3kg of coarse salt. This time, I opted for a simplify recipe.

Simply rub the chicken with sea salt. I used 2tsp for half chicken. Then steam the chicken with some red dates(红枣), Codonopsis(党参) and Lycium(枸杞) for 45 minutes.

And it is ready to serve. Note the burnt marks on the chicken skin. They are similar to those on Ipoh Salty Chicken. :)

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