Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Assam Curry Salmon Fish Head

Assam Curry Salmon Fish Head

It never appear in my mind that salmon fish can be used in local dishes, for example the very appetizing and satisfying assam curry dish. It was until my friend, Lam told me about his mum signature assam curry salmon fish head and brought over a bowl to show off during the recent potluck session. ;)

When we saw this big salmon fish head in wet market, we approached the seller and found out that it was pretty expensive, RM22. The seller explained to us that it is air-flown fresh salmon from Norway, not the frozen type. Queensbay jusco offers a smaller one(the fish head in the above picture minus the bottom part) at RM10. Since this fish head had a lot of meat, which was equivalent to jusco one fish head+another piece of salmon steak(that was just excuse, it was very obvious that he wanted to buy it), so we paid for it. After we bought a pack of assam curry sauce and some other ingredients, we rushed home for a salmon meal. I cooked more rice for dinner and we managed to finish all the rice. :)

For the assam curry sauce, you can also use the ready pack available on supermarket shelf. Most of the ready pack can do a good job, but it is important to add extra fresh ingredients to bring out the flavour.

Assam curry sauce 1 pack
Onion x1(cut into quarters)
torch ginger flower x1(use only petals)
Tomato x1(cut into quarters)
700g Samon Fish head
Lady finger x(or more)
Mint leaves 1 small bowl

Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 2tbsp 

1. Stir fry the assam curry sauce until fragrant.
2. Add in onion, torch ginger flower and tomato and stir fry.
3. Add two rice bowls of water.
4. Season with salt and sugar and bring to boil.
5. Put in salmon fish head and lady finger.
6. Cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes.
7. Add more salt and sugar if you wish.
8. Serve in casserole and garnish with mint leaves.

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