Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anti Aging Black Sesame Paste

I am not sure how many have noticed that I am using my mobile phone to capture dishes since Herbal Salty Chicken. If not because of the poor photo quality, I would have fallen in love with its light weight. I could cook with one hand and capture with another hand. By the way, if you are interested to know, my camera was on a Taiwan vacation trip. :)

It is raining season in Malaysia now. I always fancy a bowl of Cantonese sweet soup(or what we called tong sui) in a rainy day. Most of the tong sui stalls in Malaysia only sell the bean soup, but not the paste type which is very time-consuming. I miss the rich, smooth and fragrant paste in Hong Kong so much until I decided to make a bowl of black sesame paste for myself. I received a questioning look when I served this bowl of black sesame paste, but luckily the feedback was positive. ;)

Ingredients(Serving for 2-4):
Black sesame 200g(washed, drained)
White Rice 50g(washed and soaked for 2 hours)

1. Stir fry black sesame in a empty wok over medium heat until fragrant.
2. Blend black sesame with 500ml water until smooth.
3. Filter black sesame water with a fine sieve.
4. Blend white rice with 400ml water until smooth.
5. Filter white rice water with a fine sieve.
6. Mix black sesame paste and white rice water into a pot.
7. Cook with medium heat, keep stirring. Keep stirring in the same direction.
8. When it starts to smoke, add in brown sugar.
9. Add in more water if needed. Adjust the sweetness with brown sugar.
10. Make sure that the paste is not too watery or too thick. 
11. Turn off the heat when it starts to bubble. Serve immediately.

yum yum!

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