Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taiwan Sytle Silver Needle Noodle

It is a recipe from Taiwan TV program(料理美食王). A very simple stir fried noodles, but different ingredients and seasonings from our usual Malaysia version. I personally feel that it is healthier with the use of luffa. It was unexpectedly good even though the recipe only require salt and pepper for seasoning. Hard to believe huh? Let's look at the ingredients.

Ingredients(serving for two):
Silver needle noodle 300g
Luffa cut into stripes
Dried shrimp(soaked)
Mushroom(soaked and cut into stripes)
pork stripes(I used 5 layer pork)
celery(cut into stripes)

Oopss! What was missing in the plate? I forgot to take a picture before I dumped the shallots to the wok.

 frying shallots

1. Fry shallots over medium heat until crispy. Remove aside.
2. Leave 2 tbsp oil in the wok. Stay with medium heat.
3. Add in with sequence, mushroom, dried shrimp and pork stripes.
4. Stir fry for a while before add in luffa and silver needle noodle.
5. Add in a small bowl of water, 1/2tsp salt and dash of pepper(add more if you like pepper).
6. Turn to medium low heat and cover you wok with a lid for 1-2 minutes.
7. Open the lid. Now you should expect not much water left, and the silver needle noodle is slightly covered with thick and transparent gravy.
8. Add in fried shallot and celery. Mix well and serve immediately.

noodle in wok

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