Monday, August 18, 2008

Longan Walnut Muffin

Last Jusco Day, I finally bought a new Kenwood Oven MO690 for myself. Since then, i always get concerns from colleagues and friends on what I am going to make with the oven.

After 20 days of brainstorming, I decided to start my first experiment with muffin. I like muffin, or to be more precise muffin size. The size of a muffin is just nice for one person's breakfast or tea break. But the real reason is muffin can be easily made in 3 simple steps, mix, pour and bake. Just that simple!

So, this morning I was having something different for breakfast, a freshly baked Longan Walnut Muffin. I had passed to a few colleagues thus will leave for them to comment if they want to.

I am so sorry if you read this and you didn't get it from me. I only managed to make one tray before I came to work. Please leave me a comment and I shall put you in my next list.


Dash said...

Nice fresh muffin, still hot and soft inside while crispy outside. Didn't notice any longan inside, although saw lots of walnuts. Maybe it was lump together with the nuts =) Congratulations on the "official" opening of your oven.

soo sean said...

Thanks for your kind comment. ;)

CK Lam said...

The muffin sure looks nice but need to eat it to know the texture and the taste. Am I eligible to be on the waiting list...haha

soo sean said...

You are in Penang island, right? No problem if you are in Penang. But don't put high hope on me as I am just a part time cook. :p