Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cheesy sweet potato balls

I bought a pack of organic sweet potato. When I cut open, it is a mixture of different colors, purple, orange and yellow. Weird. Never encounter this before. Anyway, I made cheesy sweet potato balls for tea break. It is simple and fast, most important it is also healthy and yummy.

Sweet potato(steamed and mashed)
mozzarella cheese cubes
black sesame

1. Take one teaspoon of sweet potato and put on your palm. 
2. Gentle press on the sweet potato so that it sticks together.
3. Place a cheese cube at the center.
4. Cover with another teaspoon of sweet potato.
5. Make into a ball shape.
6. Spray or brush the sweet potato ball with water.
7. Roll the ball on a plate of black sesame.
8. Repeat until all the sweet potato has been used up.
9. You can either steam, bake or fry the sweet potato balls.
10. I opted for steam as it is healthier. I steamed for 10 minutes at medium heat. 

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