Sunday, March 10, 2013

Toddler menu #1(at 16mo)

It is hard for me to take picture for lunch now. After I cook Phin Zhe's lunch, while wk is feeding him, I have to continue to cook for adults. Then we will have lunch. After that I will start to prepare for tea break, then dinner. Unless I am cooking same dish for everyone, else dinner time will have to repeat what we do for lunch. Wk feeds phin Zhe, I continue to cook and we have dinner later. But today I managed to capture some pictures, maybe I am getting more and more efficient? ;)

Lunch for little one:

Mixed grain porridge - plain, unflavoured

Onion salmon soup - Onion and salmon bone simmer in one bowl of water for 20mins. Then, add in salmon cubes. Once cooked, remove the salmon cubes.

Cheesy salmon - Sprinkle some cheddar cheese on the salmon cubes

Spinach - Heat grape seed oil, stir fry minced garlic, add in spinach, add some water, simmer for a while until soft

For tea break, we have some pandan mantou and homemade soy milk. Will blog about pandan mantou when I have time. But I guess it is not difficult, just minor tweak from my normal mantou recipe.

Then, I quickly cooked and packed dinner as we were going to the beach. Dinner menu was macaroni and potato leek soup. Did not expect the macaroni to turn out so delicious. :) And Phin Zhe finished off his portion and also my portion of soup. :) A tired but fruitful day.

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