Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breakfast plate #1

Good morning Sunday.

 Finally I can cooked a breakfast plate that all of us can eat. My boy is 15.5mo now.

The breakfast plate has

 1. cheese omelette
Add Kerrygold cheddar cheese flakes when the egg is almost ready and fold it in pan.

2. steamed baby asparagus

3. Potatoes and white button mushroom side
Stir fry mushroom slices in Purity Farms ghee oil until fragrant, then mix in steamed potato cubes.

4. Dried cranberries
I love sweet treat, so it is more for me. :)

We also have a bowl of papaya cubes which I did not able to snap a photo. Breakfast with toddler is always messy. ;) Nice breakfast always make my day. Lovely sunday morning.

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