Wednesday, April 8, 2009

McD Fillet-O-Fish

How about McD Fillet-O-Fish this time?
My version of Fillet-O-Fish contained
West Pacific Fish Fillet, Kraft cheese slice and the fillet-o-fish sauce in a warm bun.
The bun was from tesco and it had some sesame on top, just like the McD bun.
I spread some butter on both side of the bun and baked in the oven for few minutes.
As for the fillet-o-fish sauce, I mixed mayoniese sauce, mustard sauce, minced dill relish together, and added some salt and pepper to taste.
It was a success. I am sure kids will love it.

S&W dill


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

You give me an idea for preparing foods for my gal..... ^o^

KKCheong said...

i'm hungry now eventhough its 1am :P

soo sean said...

Hi Food Paradise,

Have you tried it? Hope she will love it.

Hi KK,

I know....cos you are a fast food lover. :)

Sai Mun said...

How did you like the West Pacific fish fillet?
I tried their fish tempura before but I don't quite like it.

Too much batter, too little fish.

soo sean said...

I am not sure if we bought the same type because I think it was okay. Will update the photo when I buy again.

eatingtable said...

Hey friend, no more cooking ?

soo sean said...

Received a lot of complaints. :p