Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Growing bean sprouts at home(using sprout bag)

I wanted to let Phin Zhe try bean sprouts but I did not feel comfortable with the growth hormones used in the commercial bean sprouts. A chinese article explained that bleaching agents, preservatives and growth hormones are widely used in growing bean sprouts. (read this)

After consulting Mr google, I figured out that there it is not that difficult to sprout beans at home. You can sprout them in a jar or in a colander.(read this) But as a full time working mum, I need to save every minute to do other stuffs. So I tried to google and see if there is any gadget that can help to ease the job. First i found the bean sprouter, then I found the sprout bag. And I decided to get the latter.

The sprout bag is designed to sprout beans or seeds the easiest way, just dip and hang twice a day! I put 4tbsp of organic mung bean in the bag and on the third day, I have half bag of bean sprout. Do note that naturally grown bean sprout will have longer root than the commercial bean sprout grown with chemicals. (check comparison image here)

My first plate of home grown bean sprouts, with some greens and mushroom.

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