Sunday, September 29, 2013

Solid food feeding set and drinking bottles

I have started using this think baby feeding set since a year ago and I could not stop recommending it. I use it to serve almost every meal for my boy at home and also to pack my son's meal when we are on the go. I had been searching for a completely safe feeding set high and low, and finally settle with thinkbaby feeding set. Thinkbaby containers are made of food grade stainless steel and the covers are made of 100% PBA free PP material.

Thinkbaby feeding set comes with a 250ml bento box, a 300ml cereal bowl, another 300ml soup bowl and a 200ml cup. Each containers and cup can be separated from the casing and have a cover(only the cup has no cover. i wish they have). You can serve the meals with the casing on so it is not hot to touch, put on the cover if have remaining food or if you want to go out, remove the casing and reheat the food directly. I even steam fish or egg in the containers directly.

The bento box can fit in a pair of tea spoon and dessert fork nicely. Normally when I pack my boy's meal, I will keep the food in bowls, soup in thermos, so I put spoon and fork in the bento box. When serve, this bento box can be used as 'plate' and later to keep the used spoon and fork.

Here are the drinking bottles my son has used so far. From left: Mams sippy cup, Leak proof frog straw bottles from Taiwan, 300ml eplas straw bottles and 450ml bros straw bottles. Now he is using the last two straw bottles.


Rebecca Sia said...

Any idea where to get this brand in Penang?
You are such a wonderful mum!
Tks! :)

soo sean said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your compliment. I am sure every mothers are trying to give their best to their baby. :)
My friend helped me to carry back from Taiwan. It is a USA brand. I did not see it in Penang but I did notice some online shop was selling it last time. You can try your luck. Cheers.