Thursday, January 24, 2013

Easiyo Biolife Fruit Yogurts

I have to admit that I am a super rigid mom. When baby Phin Zhe was below 1 year old, I did not give him any processed food, that includes yogurt, cheese, bean curd(toufu) or even bread. After his 1 year old birthday, I slowly introduce some of the processed food to him, one of it is yogurt.

With enough research done, I have decided to give him home made Easiyo Biolife Organic Yogurt with fresh fruits. One pack of easiyo sachet makes about 1litre yogurt. For small family like us, it lasted about 5 days. One serving size is about the two glasses in the pictures below.

Since the yogurt is unsweetened, each time I will mix with some blended fruits and then top with fruit cubes. I serve it as dessert in the afternoon or evening as I do not want to serve something cold for breakfast at this age yet. We love it, the taste is so natural and fresh. I asumme baby Phin Zhe loves it too because he will stay with me and ask for more. :)

The first day I tried with mango. The texture was very close to the yogurt in the market, not too thick or too watery.

Second day was Phin Zhe's favourite, strawberry yogurt. The strawberries were very juicy so it turned out more like smoothies. But it was still yummy.

The third day we had papaya yogurt. I guess the papaya cubes was too much. So it was more like papaya with yogurt. But again, it was a hit.

The fourth day and fifth day we had banana yogurt and kiwi yogurt which I did not take photo. Will post it next round.

What is your favourite yogurt flavours? Or you have any suggestion for yogurt flavours? Tell me. :)

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