Friday, March 6, 2009

Green Bean Soup

Just the normal green bean sago soup.
Rock sugar was substituted with the palm sugar that I have brought back from Malacca.
If I am not lazy, I will make Cendol with the palm sugar next week.


mkisses said...

i bought a package of sugar melaka from Jongker Walk too. Still not so sure what to do with it

Sai Mun said...

I can see that u still hv enough ingredients to make another round.

For me??? Haha

soo sean said...

Hi mkisses,
I could only think of green bean soup, sago dessert, cendol and perhaps agar-agar.
Let me know if you have new recipes so that I can try out. :)

Hi Sai Mun,
That was because I was too free that night. Haha...

Catherine said...

What's the nutrition of sago? I don't usually like to add them in. Perhaps people like the QQ feeling. I also cook green bean soup few day ago! :D

soo sean said...

Hi Catherine,

I googled and translated from a chinese page.
Sago can strengthen spleen and lungs, nourish the skin, good for dyspepsia and help in expectoring phlegm.