Monday, March 23, 2009


Finally I made Cendol at home.
It was Saturday afternoon, the weather was burning hot outside.
No one would like to go out and buy some cold drinks.
Nevermind, I was going to make Cendol.
Cendol in ready package from Jusco Supermarket,
Palm sugar from Malacca,
Coconut Milk bought from wet market in the morning...
and most important, ice cubes.

Other recipe with Malacca Palm Sugar:
Green Bean Soup


Penang Tua Pui said...

aiks... i tot u make the cendol urself... heehee....

would it be nicer to put in on the bowl? heehee

eatingtable said...

I wonder what a combination using wine glass for cendol. Not bad.

Food Paradise said...

wow... cendol in wine glass.... looks attractive though. ^o^

soo sean said...

Hi PenangTuiPui, YenTei and Food Paradise,

Thanks for visiting and dropping me a few lines.

But you all think too much, I used wine glass just because it was easier to hold as I was watching Astro. Haha...