Friday, January 16, 2009

Stir Fry Clam

I know I was quiet for quite a while.
I didn't stop cooking, but then I was tied up with my works and didn't have time to blog.

Let's see what did I cook for the past Sat and Sun.
On Sat night, I had stir fry clam, steam fish and blanched vege('tong hou' in Cantonese) for dinner.
Then on Sun, I cooked yam rice, served braised pork belly and taufu.

I didn't take photos for the dishes that I have blogged before.
But then I forgot to take photo for the yam rice.
So, out of so many dishes, I can only present to you a very simple dish, stir fry clam.

In my hometown, this small clam is not popular. We normally eat a bigger version, which is call 'Kapa' in Penang.
I slowly learn to enjoy the sweetness of this small clam after I came to Penang.
Simply stir fry the small clam with finely chopped garlic and sliced ginger.
Simple and fast dish.

Perhaps I should learn up more simple recipes so that cooking on weekdays would not be a burden. :)


CRIZ LAI said...

I missed this dish.. the way my deceased grandmother used to cook. By the way, they are called lala. Kapa is another species with harder shell.

You did remind me on how forgetful I can be too when I forgot to shoot some of my home cooked food. :P Anyway, it's not so easy to cook daily and blog about every single dish right? Hehe..

soo sean said...

Here we call them Lala. But in Ipoh we called Kapa Lala. :)

Yes,it is not easy. When the kitchen is in mess and you won't think of your camera. Even if you remember, it is hard to relax and take a good shot.