Friday, January 16, 2009

Japanese Tau Fu

The initial objective to cook this dish is to clear one serving of small prawn and 3 huge American fresh scallops in my refrigerator.
They are the left-over when I cooked Teo Chew Meng meesua.
Oopss! Another dish yet to be posted.

I bought 2 japanese taufu from Jusco, cut into pieces, coated with some tapioca flour and fried to golden color.
Leaving the fried taufu aside, I fried the prawn and scallops with garlic.
Then, water was added in.
The water amount should be slightly more than the gravy amount that you want because it will be thickened later.
My seasoning was pretty simple. I used oyster sauce only.
After the seasoning, the fried taufu was added in.
Lastly, thickened with tapioca flour.

My another version of this dish is Japanase taufu with minced meat, carot and french bean.
If you are eating alone today, you can try out this for single dish meal.
If not, you can also surprise your family with something new on the dining table.
Furthermore, 2 japanese taufu was only RM1.60.


Penang Tua Pui said...

hmm.. simple yet delicious dish...

the problem i had is on frying tofu. seems easy.. but not really...

i would prefer non-stick wok.. hee hee

but i perfer to cook it in sweet and sour self made sauce....

soo sean said...

Sweet and Sour source? I know pork, crab etc can be cooked in sweet and sour sauce....can't link japanese taufu with sweet and sour sauce. hehe....