Friday, January 16, 2009

Prosperity Bag

For 4 days in a row, it was on my breakfast table.
The pita bread was sold 5 in a pack.
Luckily it was good.

I enjoyed filling the bread pocket with all my favourites.
Since I was not preparing for a big group, I could not have a lot of different fillings.(I love varieties.)
The bread pocket was filled with chicken sausage cubes, onion cubes, cheddar cheese and mozarella cheese.
Was it obvious that I tried to finish the cheese in my refrigerator?
I still have parmesan cheese and the Kraft cheese slices in my refrigerator.
Emm...what am I going to do with them?

I placed it in the Oven for 5-10minutes as I like to have it warm, slightly crispy bread and with melted cheese.
Nice breakfast.
But I am not going to have it again any soon.


ck lam said...

You do come out with wonderful ideas with food.

soo sean said...

Thanks. I think they are many good cooks out there, but I am still happy to record my kitchen experiments here.