Monday, November 3, 2008

Fish Noddles Soup

Last night, my dad suggested to have dinner at Sauk, Perak(a small village not far Kuala Kangsar) which is famous for freshwater fish. view map The freshwater fish and other dishes were great. But I am not going to blog about the dinner.

Instead, I bought some fish balls and fish paste from the same restaurant we had dinner. According to the restaurant owner, the fish balls and fish paste were preservative free and therefore could not last long. So this morning, I boiled them in anchovies soup and topped with some garlic oil. The egg noodles was from Ho To Tai, Hong Kong.

It cheered up my day! :)


Ju Yee said...

Thanks for the map.

soo sean said...

Np, There are many restaurant and the restaurant we went was 陈记. Remember to order their fish belly, we tried 酱蒸西刀鱼腩 and it was so delicious.