Monday, July 28, 2008

When Taiwan and Hong Kong meet

This is a very famous snack in taiwan night market. The chicken cube was marinated overnight, coated with cream crackers and then fried together with fresh Sweet Basil leaves. Yes, the secret of this dish were the Basil leaves. It gave a very unique fragrant to the fried chicken.

What about a cup of hong kong honey lemon drink after the fried chicken? Lemon has vitamin C and honey has many benefits! First, I started with hot honey lemon drink. When I was left with half cup, I added some ice and enjoyed the iced honey lemon drink. And, it was not the end yet. Can you see the lemon slice? I poured some water and had lemon water, few rounds.

Taiwan Fried Chicken with Herb and Hong Kong Honey Lemon drink. Happy gathering.


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