Monday, January 6, 2014

German cookies

A very famous chinese new year cookies among Malaysia and Singapore bloggers since year 2011. It took me 4 years to try out the recipe. lol.

125g unsalted butter
40g powdered brown sugar(I reduced to 30g)
80g unbleached flour(sifted)
125g potato starch

1. Beat butter and brown sugar until creamy and pale in color.
2. Add in flour and potato starch. Mix well.
3. Lay parchement paper on baking tray.
4. Form small balls(about 6g each) and place on parchment paper.
5. Use the back of a fork to press on each of the balls.
Tips: After each press, dip the fork in water. This will avoid the dough to stick on the fork.
6. Bake at preheated oven at 170'c for 15 minutes.

Even though I have reduced the sugar, but I still feel that the butter content and sugar is a bit on the high side for toddlers. Luckily my son prefer the flaxseed crackers. He said it is pancake. :p

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