Thursday, February 14, 2013

Green mashed potato with egg

This is one of my boy's regular breakfast after 13mo. The one in the bowl is white potato(half small to medium size potato) and broccoli (few broccoli florets) puree. I use Avent steamer and blender and it comes in handy. While waiting for the steaming process, I also cook a hard boiled egg. Just a gentle reminder, egg yolk is for 9mo and above and egg white is for 12mo and above.

When I first introduced this to my boy, I mashed the egg thoroughly. But now I don't need to do so, my boy can handle bigger chunks and he also enjoy some texture. The egg makes this dish very fragrant and the broccoli makes a nice color. He loves it!

You can also add some ghee or unsalted butter or cheese. But since I have added them in other dishes in his diet, I prefer to keep this simple.

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