Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seafood Porridge

I woke up very late on Deepavali, about 10.30am. That's a record for me! But then recently I found out that I need more sleeping hours. :p
Lazy to go out for lunch, so I decided to make use of whatever was available in the freezer. I found 2 pomfrets and 2 flower crabs. My family gave me these seafood, normally I won't freeze crab. But glad that the crab still looked fresh.

I boiled 1 cup of rice with 5 rice bowls of water and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Once it was boiled, I turned it to medium heat and slow cooked for at least an hour. Meanwhile, I cleaned the seafood and cut them into smaller pieces. I did not have any spring onion, chinese coriander or even ginger with me. So I skipped everything and just prepared some crispy garlic. By the way, remember to stir the porridge once in a while. When the porridge was ready, I placed in the seafood(crab first then fish) and covered the lid for 2 minutes. Then, it was served in a casserole, sprinkled with some crispy garlic and pepper.

The taste was surprisingly good and the seafood was still fresh. The portion was for 3-4 person(filled two casseroles), but two of us managed to finish it. Try this recipe! The two important tips are:

1. You need to slow cook the porridge for at least an hour to get the right texture. Don't speed up this process by using higher heat.

2. Use fresh seafood, promfets, crab, prawn.

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