Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet & Sour Pork

I could still vividly remember that my mother used to cook 1kg of pork(sweet & sour pork) for dinner and we(M&D, two brothers and I) would just clean the plate. If you cook, you would definitely know that it was a big big plate of sweet & sour pork. Anyway, we were at our teenage that time. :)

Back to sweet & sour pork, it is one of the most popular(or widely accepted) Chinese dish in Western. It is a dish easy to cook, hard to fail. :) And so, I cooked this for the recent potluck dinner at my place. Guess what, it turned out to be the third delicious dish. But there were only 3 main dishes that night. Sob. Sob. Never mind, I will try harder next time.

The ingredients:
5 layer pork(lean, fat, lean, fat, skin) view picture

The seasonings:
Egg(added right before cooking)
Corn Flour(use for coating)

The Gravy ingredients:
Plum sauce
Tomato sauce
Chili sauce
Corn flour & water (for thickening)

** Optional. Skipping one or two of this item will not degrade the dish.

Cooking Steps:
1. Cut the pork into small cubes.
2. Use the back of the knife to soften the meat.
3. Marinate the pork with the seasonings. Set aside for more than an hour.
4. Mix the marinated pork with one beaten egg.
5. Coat with flour and fry until golden in color. Remove aside.
6. Remove excessive oil from the wok, leave about 2 tablespoon of oil.
7. Stir fry remaining ingredients until fragrant.
8. Add in the gravy ingredients.
9. Bring to boil.
10. Add in the fried pork.
11. Thicken with corn flour and water.
12. Serve immediately

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