Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

I am from Ipoh, the town of bean sprouts. ;) In Ipoh hawker stalls, it is very common that the owner will throw in a handful of fresh, crunchy and fat(yes, fat! Ipoh bean sprouts are fat!) bean sprouts whenever it is possible. But, I seldom cook this dish as I prefer green leafy vegetables. But after I got some very nice salted fish from Kuala Kurau, Perak, this dish appeared in my mind.

Here is my recipe:
Fry the salted fish stripes until golden and crispy. Remove aside. With the remaining frying oil, stir fry some shredded ginger until fragrant. Now switch to maximum heat. Add in 300g bean sprouts, 2-3 stalks spring onions(cut into reasonable length), little bit of salt(the salted fish is salty enough, the salt is just to make sure that the bean sprouts alone do not taste too bland), enough pepper to your liking. Stir fry for a while(less than a minute), serve immediately with salted fish on top.


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