Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soya Bean Milk

Last Sunday, my plan to make chinese crullers(油条) and soya bean for tea break was not successful. I only have time for a glass of hot soya bean milk. Luckily my mum brought me a box of cream puffs. So instead of chinese crullers, I have cream puffs. ;)

I prefer the soya bean milk to have stronger bean taste and less sweet and this is my ratio.
60ml soya bean
500ml water
1 pandan leaf
2 tbsp sugar

1. Soak the bean.(optional)
2. Blend all together.
3. Filter and bring to boil.(optional)

Optional steps are depends on blender.


Suting said...

wow, organic wow.
good for health.

soo sean said...

Yup, even tough I still can not get rid of CKT and laksa, but I will try to buy healthy food for cooking. :)