Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peanut Butter

I have new gadget!

It is a 800W, 2000RPM multifunction blender which could do a lot of wonders. Even though it is a more powerful blender, I would have hesitated in buying it as I am targeting on Kenwood Prospero which comes with a free blender attachment. But I am still very excited when I received it as a gift.

This powerful blender can blend almost everything into fine and smooth texture so you do not have to do filtering. It can blend ice cubes too so I could use it to make smoothies or even ice-cream. Another great advantage of this blender is it can take in boiling water. The food will be cooked when you blend it with boiling water. So, there is no need to cook the food after blending. A good example will be soya bean.

brand new blender

The first thing I made using this blender is peanut butter. It was very time consuming as the peanut had to be toasted and then the peanut skin had to be removed. The toasted peanut was blended together with extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar. I could smell the nice aroma of peanut when I opened the lid. I slept at 1am to get this done.

This morning I blended organic 10-grain rice(十谷米) with this blender. Will blog about it when I have time.

Peanut butter


cariso said...

Step 1-2-3 in next post pls? *begging* :)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Just saw on Astro few weeks ago where the chef b;end peanut butters. Ya.... should show steps ya..... ^-^

soo sean said...

I did not expect that there are so many peanut butter lovers out there. :)
I will make again if I manage to find peanut without skin in Penang. Removing peanut skin is too difficult for me. Do you know where can I find it?

Suting said...

the peanut butter looks so yummy...
very sticky right?
i wanna try some!!!

ck lam said...

I am also a fan of peanut butter. Waiting for your review on the making.

soo sean said...

Hi Suting,
It is pretty simple to make. You can try when you have time.

Hi CKLam,
Hope I have time to do it this weekend. Then I will post it next week. :)