Monday, August 17, 2009

10-grain rice(十谷米)

I have been drinking 10-grain rice these day, mostly for breakfast. The 10-grain rice, oat and brown sugar were from the organic shop. Nowadays I go for organic food whenever it is possible. I am kind of lazy to explain the benefit of 10-grain rice. When I restock, I will remember to capture the package and post it. By the way, if you do not have such blender, you could also cook it as porridge.

10-grain rice, oat and pandan leaves.

Place all ingredients in the blender and add brown sugar according to your taste.

2 minutes of blending

In 2 minutes time, a very healthy glass of drink is ready for breakfast.


123 123 said...

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soo sean said...

Thank you. Will post more when I have time. :)

Anonymous said...

This drink looks great! I've heard that 10 grain rice has a lot of health benefits... Did you add any liquid (e.g. milk / soy milk) to make the drink?

soo sean said...

Yes, it is a healthy drink. No, I just add hot water so that the blender will cook the grains. Pandan leaves is a must, it will add aroma to the drink.

Alania X. said...

Hi I just bought this rice to eat and I love it. Forgive me though, what is a pandan leaf? I would love to try making this.

soo sean said...

Hi Alania X,
Pandan leaf is also known as screwpine leaf. You can google the image.

Anonymous said...

Just add hot water? Will d rice cooked just adding hot water?

Silvia Jacinto said...

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