Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enjoying coffee at home

I have owned this Delonghi Coffee Machine for more than a year. It was not cheap but I did not regret buying it. When I was searching for a coffee machine, I could not find much reviews from the internet. Therefore while I was enjoying a cup of fresh espresso this morning, I decided to write up a review so that others can benefit from it.

This is a fully automatic machine with patented automatic cappuccino system. With just a single touch, the machine will grind the coffee bean(if bean is used) and brew a cup of coffee with 15 bar pump pressure. The whole bean-to-cup process takes about 15 seconds or less.

Even though it is an automatic machine, users are still able to personalize their coffee. First, users can select to start from roasted coffee bean or ground coffee. For the grinder, there are 7 adjustable settings for coarseness. Not only that, users can choose to have a short, medium or long coffee with mild aroma or strong taste. Users can even save their settings which I have not tried so far. :p

I am 100% satisfied with this product. Now I can have a cup of good quality coffee at home anytime I wish.

stylish coffee machine

Next to the cup warmer tray is the ground cofee container.

Coffee bean container and the grinding coarseness regulator

double short coffee

Separate milk container for cappuccino


Dash said...

Wah, you have such a high-tech coffee making machine. Then can hangouts at your place anytime for some great coffee =) (Refering to your statement of "so that others can benefit from it")
[Hint:Another great way to make some extra income when the economy is bad.]

eatingtable said...

Friend, this is my blog

Yen Tei

Ju Yee 如意 said...

I want to try ......

soo sean said...

Hi Dash,

Not a problem at all. I have not visited your house.... ;)

Hi Yen Tei,

Have bookmarked your blog. Update more often, don't be like me. Haha.

Hi Ju Yee,

No problem....when you are in Penang.

Penang Tua Pui said...

wow...... i wan to have a cup of coffee too.. i love to have coffee.. but my wife can't even take a cup.. she will feel dizzy and strong heart beat... she can't take it..

soo sean said...

Penang Tui Pui,

Some coffee have lower caffeine. If I drink coffee with high caffeine, I could not sleep at night too. So, I need to know which type of bean is okay for me.

ck lam said...

I am a coffee drinker myself and consume a minimum of three cups per day. Any chance of me having a cuppa from your high tech coffee making machine?...haha