Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prawn Fritter

There was this Yonex Japan Open, followed by Macau Open last weekend.
Live started from 2pm and ended around 5pm.
I do not have a habit of enjoying snack in front of the TV.
Of course, I won't say no to it.
Another reason was I wanted to clear my refrigerator stocks before my trip.
I had a small box of prawn, half chicken, fish and etc.
A plate of all-time favourite prawn fritter and a pot of chinese tea would be a good choice.

I bought this tempura flour from Tesco.
Mixed with water and added in some salt and pepper, and the batter was ready.
Wasn't it simple?

Finished it in no time as it was so crispy, hot and nice.


KKCheong said...

I just love fried stuff...

CK Lam said...

Looks like you are preparing your own snacks too...the fritter looks sellable...haha

Btw ...for your information, I have got my own domain and the url is


Kindly update it and feel free to surf the website.

soo sean said...

KK, most of us will love fried food. :)

CK, I had visited your new domain. Actually I visited your old page the day before that, and was not able to enter. I was wondering y. Congratulations!

mark said...

looks yummy !!

soo sean said...

Yes, it is. No difficulty but yet so delicious. Go and try it out!